Our Mission is helping businesses and organisations to have secure, scalable and accessible IT Infrastructure particularly during the current workplace disruption.

The fact that our partnership with industry leader in Cybersecurity means you are assured that your organisation is in safe hands. We are empowered to contain and defend your organisation from cyber criminals.


The negative effects of Covid-19 are beyond our imagination. The implementation of social distancing to curb the spread of this deadly disease has already impacted our places of work. Remote working is now the primary working option. Cyber criminals are  working relentlessly on the other hand to maximise their opportunities by exploiting existing vulnerabilities in remote working environment. This has always been a threat to this arrangement. That is why our Free LiveSafe home use License is in place. ElrohiVision and its partners understand the challenges and urgency you are facing by sudden increase of the number of your employees working from home. Please take advantage of our offers to transition smoothly to a secure, work–from–home IT environment:


  • Bring unprotected devices under management with Our Endpoint Protection

  • Secure direct internet access without a VPN using our Unified Cloud Edge

  • Protect data in cloud services with our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Free LiveSafe home use License Offer Ends








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