Vision Care

Inspiration, Connection & Loyalty are the three corner stones of ElrohiVision. Inspiration without Connection; Connection without Loyalty does not work. Inspiration without Connection is like supply without demand & Connection without Loyalty is deception and spam, hence cannot be trusted. ElrohiVision is inspired by vision, built in connection, maintained by loyalty.

ElrohiVision has therefore vitally important tripartite connection sources. Connection  with the Vision, Connection with the Supply & Connection with the Demand sources. The Vision has the owner with all its rights reserved. It is the engine of our business. If we fail to connect with the Vision source, we run out of our Inspiration and ideas. When we fail to connect with the Vision source, we lose the control and direction. As the result, we lose our strategies to connect with the other two sources, i.e., supply and demand.

As the engine requires other parts to function, so does this Vision. Therefore, our Supply and Demand side connections are equally important for our success. If we are unable to connect with Supply and Demand sources, the pillar of ElrohiVision would not erect properly no matter how solid our connection with the Vision source is. This would rather be confusion not vision. We do not want and let that happen. That is why we are very focused and serious about our vision and determined to take care of it. Everyday Connection! Everyday Vision and Inspiration! Everyday enduring Loyalty! Everyday! Everyday! Everyday energy and fresh ideas! It is our matter of Everyday!

This is the Business operation ethics. We do what we say, we deliver what we promise.

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