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The advancement in IT has created countless opportunities for all of us. However, we are not always enjoying the opportunities but also time and time again facing attacks, threats and risks associated. The IT security threats are exploding alarmingly alongside. Every time an opportunity arises so does the threat and risk. Therefore, whenever there is an effort to take the IT opportunity there should also be parallel effort to segregate and contain threats and risks. Otherwise, every opportunity would become a threat instead.

Cybersecurity is a vital issue for all legitimate users. Organisations are striving for measures to secure their mission-critical data from sophisticated forms of threats and attacks. The Cyber Attack causes major damages both in terms of reputation and finance. ElrohiVision has counter measure vision against cybersecurity concerns. We conduct research on current and up to date cybersecurity issues and threats and provide our professional recommendations. In matters of business network and website security in particular, we strongly recommend to our dedicated 24/7 customer care site at


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